Shotgun Breaching

In 2016, EMPI launched a revolutionary reactive slug that will significantly change the limits of shotgun breaching. Objectives of shotgun breaching are simple:

  • Fast entry
  • Diverse target effectiveness
  • Safe for operators and bystanders
  • Shock and disorient of the enemy
Traditional shotgun breaching slugs using powder metal slugs are inadequate.

EMPI’s reactive 12GA slug incorporates a metal powder matrix with an impact initiated reactive material. The slug is designed to penetrate the target then react and expand inside the target for maximum destruction. Cartridges are designed with standard 2.75-inch hulls, conventional primers, and conventional propellant compatible with most 12GA smooth bore shotguns down to 10-inch barrels.

This product is in final stages of development and will be commercially available soon. Contact us for more info